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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my motorcycle covered by insurance while being transported?

Yes we have cover for £50,000.

How long have you been in business?

Since 2004 as Moving Motorcycles, been in trade from 1975.

How many van’s have you got?

3 LWB Renault Masters 1 x 66 Plate 2 x 65 Plate
1 X 2017 LWB Mercedes Sprinter

How do I pay?

We only take payment when job is completed. Cash, cheque, or bank transfer.

Why do some people quote unrealistic cheap prices?

Very easy to quote £50, but no good if motorcycle/s is not covered for motorcycle transport. If carried under a general goods policy you might not see your motorcycle/s again.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

No we work on a trust bases.

Why fixed charge for London work?

Because of traffic/tolls etc-, price is based on time not mileage.

What is dedicated job?

Your motorcycle/s only from collection point to delivery point, mileage/price based on round trip from our base.

What is part of scheduled trip?

Your motorcycle/s is part of multi drop load to area of country we are covering that day. Day/times are flexible to fit in with our schedule.

Why do you not cover Scotland?

We leave that to companies that specialise in Scotland work, because you have to be fully loaded both ways to make it pay and keep prices realistic.

What areas do you not cover?

Most of our scheduled trips start and finish from the South East, these are mainly to South West and North East. So for example Hull to Liverpool or Liverpool to the South West would not work for us, or Birmingham to Norwich etc-.

Do you do trade work?

Yes all motorcycle dealers, shipping companies, auction sites.