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Your motorcycle is covered on our liability for loss or damage during transit. Some of our vehicles
are covered up to GBP 400,000 per load and we occasionally have to extend beyond this for the
high value, classic and race motorcycles that we transport.

Moving Motorcycles was established in 2004. We have recently joined the Shippio team, who have
over 25 years of experience in car shipping and motorcycle shipping, ensuring we are the experts in
our field.

Preferable method of payment is bank transfer.

We aim to have vehicles collected and delivered within 7 working days. We will keep both
collection and delivery addresses updated with timeslots.

Your motorcycle will be stored at our secure motorcycle storage unit. Your motorcycle will be
locked and protected by a motorcycle dust cover. The unit is alarmed and monitored by CCTV for
maximum protection.

Where possible, however this entirely depends on the routings and we try to match collections and
deliveries together.

Yes, we transport cars, microcars, quad bikes, ATV’s, trikes, sidecars and ride on lawnmowers. Our
new low loader enclosed vehicles enable safe loading transport.

Whilst our driver can load and unload by himself we recommend someone is there for a signature to the paperwork

Yes we can through our vehicle shipping company

We are VAT registered as our company.

Yes, we transport motorcycle collections ranging between 3 and 300 motorcycles across the UK and Europe. We can load up to 40 motorcycles on a fully enclosed double deck transporter and we bring in more vehicles depending on the size of the collection. All motorcycles are secured correctly to prevent damages in transport.

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