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Three ways to collect and deliver your motorbike

1) General Courier
If you use a general courier your bike gets transported with anything else they may be carrying. A general courier will often not be covered by insurance for motorcycles, and not have experience in securing motorcycles.

2) Hire a van and do it yourself
If you hire a van to collect and deliver a motorcycle yourself, can you secure it properly?, it will also cost your time and deisel, plus the risk of paying any excess if the van gets damaged even when parked.

3) Use a professional motorcycle delivery company
Use a professional motorcycle transporter like ourselves, with years of experience in transporting and securing motorcycles. We provide report forms on collection and delivery and are fully insured to transport motorcycles, you lose no time off work, no traffic problems, and make friends with genuine motorcycle enthusiasts who will look after your pride & joy, we also offer discounts for repeat business/referrals.

Please note: We do not price match or get involved in undercutting wars.

At Moving Motorcycles we offer a professional service by enthusiasts who have worked in the motorcycle trade for over 30 years. Check out our feedback page, and photo gallery of bikes we have transported.

Your choice folks!

Ron Perkins