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Motorcycle Payment on Collection Service

With an increase in scams targeting motorcycle buyers, are you looking for a safe way to make a purchase without having to travel across the UK with pockets of cash? Our Motorcycle Payment on Collection Service provides the answer.

Motorcycle buyers are being targeted increasingly by scammers who may offer great-sounding bikes on auction websites, online classifieds or bike forums.

Some buying platforms provide payment protection. But bank transfers and other transactions with people you've never met face-to-face can be fraught with problems, especially if the seller vanishes with your money and stops replying to messages.

The old school practice of arriving with wads of cash presents different risks. You hear the occasional story of someone being robbed. There's also suspicion over the risk of fake notes.

So it's no wonder that our Motorcycle Payment on Collection Service is proving extremely popular because it provides a safe way for buyers and sellers to do business.

How it works
Our driver arrives at the collection location in the UK and will call you to confirm:

  • The motorcycle you're buying actually exists!
  • The REG plate and chassis number match your expectations
  • The bike comes with any agreed items (eg. keys, documents, panniers and parts)

If everything is correct, then we'll wait while you pay the seller online. When the seller confirms receipt of funds, our driver will load the motorcycle for transport to you.

The payment on collection service provides peace of mind for bike purchases from private and eBay sellers or motorcycles advertised on Bike Trader, Car & Classic, Motorcycle News.

Some customers also like to use our service for purchases from smaller dealers when you want that extra level of security.

Contact us for a quote and more details about our Motorcycle Payment on Collection Service. 

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