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Motorcycle sidecars get the perfect ride

Need a sidecar transporting but you don't want your prized outfit wedged into an ill-fitting truck or left unprotected on a trailer? If so, we can help.

Moving Motorcycles has the right kind of transport you need. We're now making sidecar collections and deliveries across the UK, Europe and beyond with a low-loader transporter that's perfect for the job.

We're transporting motorcycle sidecars, scooter sidecars and even bicycle sidecar outfits.Typically, these can be Ural, Watsonian Squire, Velorex, Hedingham and Wasp outfits.

However, some of the more unusual combinations have included sidecars for trials, motocross, racing and vehicle recovery. Our team has had the pleasure of handling some very special custom jobs — including a sidecar made from a boat just recently in Germany.

Easy loading, maximum safety
Our fully enclosed sidecar transporter allows easy loading and maximum safety. We secure the front wheel into a wheel chock before carefully securing the rest of the outfit.

You can be safe in the knowledge that whether your sidecar outfit is fitted with springer, telescopic or leading link forks, your outfit will travel in safety.

We also provide the correct level of insurance as it's easy to fall foul of insurers' small print because of weight. We'll make sure that doesn't happen.

Some of our team even have their own sidecars. Whether you refer to your sidecar as an outfit, rig, combination or hack, we understand these all require careful handling.

If you need to transport a sidecar, please contact us for a quick quote.

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